Diango's Workshop is a small area in Draynor Village that is currently inaccessible. It is used for holiday events, and has so far been used in the 2005 Christmas event and the 2006 Hallowe'en event. Although you can't get into Diango's Workshop, you can view the Christmas 2005 workshop with the Orb of Oculus. By entering the northern entrance of Pyramid Plunder, and looking east with the orb, you can see the workshop used in the Christmas 2005 event.

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General AppearanceEdit

The workshop has two floors and a small third floor that was used in the Halloween Event. The upper two floors have yellow floors, brick walls, and paint splattered around. The northern portion of the top floor of the workshop has three tables arranged with paint. The southern portion of the upper floor had boxes. There was a long bridge spanning the place from north to south, and side areas.

On the lower floor were several long tables. The lower floor was only accessible for the Halloween Event, and was a small alcove under the Haunted Tree.

Christmas 2005Edit

In Christmas of 2005, Diango opened up the workshop after his Pixies repeatedly failed to create the toys correctly. The workshop was populated by pixies such as Fionn. There were many tasks that the pixies needed completed.

File:Xmas 2005 workshop.png


Bobbles were found in Diango's Workshop (southern portion) or they were dropped by Imps north of Falador and west of Varrock (Who were temporarily dressed in Santa garb for the season). The player went to the northern tables of the workshop, where you could paint them. The player then could either put them in boxes and give them to the Mysterious Man at the members gate to Taverley, or put them on the Christmas Tree in Varrock that (somehow) replaced the fountain.


The player could also go downstairs to the wide tables and create a marionette by assembling the various parts. The Marionettes were then placed in a box and d
File:Diango's Workshop.png
elivered to the Mysterious Man at the members gate to Taverley.

Halloween 2006Edit

The Workshop looked worse for this appearance. The lighting was slightly worse than the Christmas appearance, and the central bridge had been destroyed about halfway along it by the Haunted Tree. The lower level's tables were absent, and the tree, with two faces and two roots stood in the centre. Players could yank the roots and enter the small basement, where you could hack away tree roots from below it.

The reward from helping Diango was the Skeleton Set, which made the player look like a skeleton.