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The Sanguinesti region (pronounced sæŋwɪnɛstiː; "Sang-gwin-nest-ee"[1]) is a large area found in South-east Morytania. The main cities in this place are noted as being Darkmeyer, which is apparently in the north of the region, presumably where the ruling vampyres live, and Meiyerditch, the sprawling ghetto humans are kept in, to the south.

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So far, the area consists almost entirely of Meiyerditch, and the only part of Darkmeyer is the seemingly-impenetrable Castle Drakan, and a few other buildings that may be seen from the walls. However, with the release of the next part of the Myreque Quest Chain, the area is likely to expand. The cities themselves are swarming with vampyres and the only humans in the area are farmed for blood like cattle.

Castle Drakan features in the third Myreque Quest, Darkness of Hallowvale, in which the player must sketch the castle from three different locations, so the Sanguinesti Myreque can observe the area and possibly find a way inside. The player must also fight Vanstrom Klause on the walls of this castle, though it is impossible to kill him.

The Sanguinesti Region is ruled by Lord Drakan and his family. The Vampyre juveniles are used as guards, and the Vyrewatch as a blood-harvesting police force, who also keep the populace under control.


  • The name of this region is derived from the French 'sanguine', meaning 'bloodthirsty', from Latin 'sanguis', 'blood'.
  • The legends of vampires and Dracula derive from Romanian folk stories and Romania's Vlad the Impaler. In Romania, it is common for some people to have the -esti added to the end of their names. Therefore, the Sanguinesti name might come from the Latin 'sanguinus' and the Romanian -esti (Sanguin-esti).
  • In folklore, the kind of Vampires who suck blood are known as "Sanguine Vampires", sanguine of course meaning bloodthirsty, as stated above. The name may also have origins in this.

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