Not to be confused with the Spirit Realm.
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The Spirit Plane is a plane of existence from which Summoning energy can be used to summon creatures.

Very little is known of the Spirit Plane. According to the druid Pikkupstix, it is here that spirits freely wander. When some one summons a monster, one of these spirits manifests itself in Gielinor as that creature.

Whether or not the Spirit Plane is a separate world, or universe, from Gielinor is unknown. It may be another "part" of Gielinor, although it is not a geographic location on the planet.

Upon reaching 99 Summoning, when you talk to Pikkupstix, he mentions how this Plane has never been part of our world, but is in our lives every day. By this he is referring to a spiritual realm probably as another dimension or a realm that is connected, but not part of Gielinor.


Players go to the Spirit Plane in the Distractions and Diversions game Familiarisation. The area looks fairly similar to the rest of Gielnor, but features a desaturation in colour for the environment, and the familiars that roam the area have an inversion and desaturation of colour as well. (One could argue that the change in colour is simply an illusion of the mind created through the familiarization process.) An Obelisk is featured at the centre of the area which can be used to leave the spirit plane.